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Council Members

Professor Jean-Paul CHARNAY

Islamologue Research Director at the CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research). Founder and president at Sorbonne University Strategy Philosophy Centre. Director of the...

Professor Jean-Paul BLED

Historian. University Professor (Paris-IV Sorbonne). Former Director of the Strasbourg Germanic Studies Centre. Executive director of the Revue d’Allemagne, the Études danubiennes and the...

Professor Dan BERINDEI

History Professor at Bucarest University. Vice-President of the Rumanian Academy


International Consultant in Economic Intelligence and Strategic Watch.

Professor Jacques BARRAT

Geographer. University Professor (Panthéon-Assas Paris-II) and diplomat. Member of the Overseas Scientific Academy. Director of the collection Géopolitiques du XXIe siècle (Geopolitics of the...

Professor Francis BALLE

Professor emeritus at Panthéon-Assas University Paris-II. Former Vice-Chancellor Of Universities. Former Member of the Superior Audiovisual Council. President of the Institute for Research &...