Superior College of Geopolitics of Paris – SCGP

This is the educational and training centre of the Paris Academy of Geopolitics.
Besides the choice of specific educative services, the two diplomas prepared at the PAG are:

A – The 3rd Cycle Diploma in Geostrategic and Geopolitical Studies involving the following specialisations:

1 – Geopolitics, Geostrategics, International relations
2 – Geoeconomics and economic intelligence
3 – Geodemography, Population Dynamics, Urban and Sociological Mutation
4 – Geoenergy, World Energy Stakes and international energy institutions
5 – Geosecurity, international and defence security
6 – Geodiplomacy and humanitarian action

B – Diploma of Superior Academic Qualification in Geostrategy and Geopolitics (Ph.D)